Babe Ruth:Background

He was born february 6,1895 at Baltimore. He died August 16,1948 at New York.Babe Ruth is different then me by being a famous baseball palyer, and hit more home runs then me.

Babe Ruth:Athletic Background

He played outfield,pitcher,and some times 1st base.He played got the Red Sox, and the New York Yankess. His career last before 1929 players did not wear Babe Ruth number. His major award was the best performance in the postseason. His most noted skill was a pitch.

Yes,because he did good things, achieve alot of awards, got his name in a star in kentucky on the floor,and have his own bat with 12 cracks in a museum in kentucky.  

Babe Ruth:Life after baseball

He retire baseball in June 2,1935. He played 22 seasons,10 world series.His hitting skills was how it was before. He will follow the crowd when the game was over.

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