UTA Refelction

Priscilla Arnold

When we were leaving it was cold and raining. So I kinda knew that we were going to be inside.

When we got to UTA I was very excited because I've seen it before, and I've always wondered what it looks like inside. It looked really nice, the only part I've seen was the stage, because the step team for Wimbish , and other schools, had their 2014 step show there.

I really enjoyed the science show, when they did the gasoline trick. I honestly liked it because they weren't talking.I also liked it because they were playing with fire. And I know that it is school related but still we are only in 7th grade.

When they were answering questions because I wanted to see the science show. And because I don't want to go to that college. And I know that some people say, "I'm not going to that college.'' But I know for sure I'm not going there.

Try to make it a day it doesn't rain. And make us sit on that nasty floor (I'm not a clean freak, but still) even though  there are like 1,000+ sits available.


1. I want to get away from Arlington

2. I want to go to A&M college

3. I love Corpus Cristi

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