Rube Goldberg Machine
day 1

We chose to do a Rube Goldberg Machine. It interest Michael and I because we thought doing the rube goldberg machine in class was fun and was interesting how performing a simple task like rolling a ball or car down a track can lead to something big like shooting a cannon like we saw in the video. We will watch some videos to learn more and get ideas on how were going to build our machine. #kimptonSTEM7  

day     2

Today we drew out our plans for our rube goldberg machine. We went onto this website to get ideas and find out what our rube goldberg machne will be accomplishing .Build Your Own Rube Goldberg Machine > Virtual Learning Connections | A Virtual School Blog by Connections Academy

day    3

Today we went over the materials and who was bringing what to complete our Rube Goldberg Machine

day 4

Today we forgot our materials so we watched videos on rube goldberg machines to get ideas and learn more about them. The videos helped us get new ideas and build our machine.  



day 5

Today we started to build our rube Goldberg machine and we plan to do a stage tomorrow.  The machine did really good, so far.o

Day    6

Today we built our Rube Goldberg machine. The first couple of times the golf ball wouldn't hit the tape hard enough so it wouldn't move. Once we adjusted the ramp so the golf ball would travel faster it would knock off the water bottle. Then we had the tape miss the water bottle so we moved the water bottle over so that the tape would hit it. Once we made these simple adjustment the machine worked.

Day  7

Today, my partner isn't here, so what i could do is just take out material and take pictures of steps, and the order of our machine. I am just going to keep the pictures on my phone, and when my partner gets back we will post the pictures on to my tackk.

dAY 8

Today we are going to take pictures and videos of the objects we are using and how they play a part in our machine.

day 9

We built the machine again but the video will not upload so it can't be shown. I will try to upload it again tomorrow. The Rube Goldberg Machine went exactly as planned.

Day 10

We have already built our machine lots of times. We are still working to get a video up  but its not working. We will try our best. We may put pictures up if the video doesn't work.                                  

day 11

We built our machine again and we found a problem. We need to position the funnel/container under the chair. This is because the water bottle slings far under the chair an it gets on the floor, but the renovation won't be too hard.

Day 12

Today we are gonna build again. We are hoping we wont have to clean up a ton of water. We are going to put tape on the string with the zip line so it will go a bit smoother.

Day 13

We might redesign the machine. Not too much, but just a little bit. We have an idea that may work. This involves using more tape, changing locations, and maybe making the zip line higher up.

day 14

Today we will redesign the machine. This might take a couple days. Hopefully, his will have a greater impact on the water bottle. Then, it will hit the bottle and the water won't spill everywhere.

day 15

The video wont upload. Now we cant show what we did. We might upload pictures. We are going to change it up a bit, we just don't know when.

dAY 16

The Rube Goldberg Machine worked. It went exactly as planned. It was messing up at first because the tape wouldnt go in the right direction, but we taped up the zip part, and it went smooth. Although we didn't make the version we wanted, it still worked, and it was pretty cool.

day 17

The project worked out good. It went exactly as planned. As we first made the design, we had to change it a bit, but we made it better.

I wouldnt want to pursue this as a job because i already have my mindset on what i want to do.

I thought it was pretty fun because not only was our project cool, others were cool to look at.

I wouldn't want to do any other project because this one was least involved with computers, and i like interacting with the machine.

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