The European Community

Andrew Heartquist and Michael Hull

Charles de Gaulle

Charles de Gaulle

Charles de Gaulle, was president of France, and the first to attempt to lead Europe to an independent state from both the Soviet Union, and the United States.  

-Didn't trust the US to defend Europe in case of a Russian invasion

-Tried to establish France as a nuclear power

-Tested nuclear bombs in the Sahara desert, despite US strong disapproval

-France's nuclear strike force (force de Frappe) failed to convince Europe to leave US protection

European Community

-Dismantled and use of tariffs and barriers of free trade to encourage political integration

-Eventually lead to rapid economic growth and the formation of the European Union. And became a solid economic power in the world of super powers

-Change of economic relationship between the US and Europe lead to a change in political relationship

Effects of the European Community

- Combined production and increasing standard of living (which eventually surpassed the US) lead to many Europeans questioning their relationship with America

- These newly prosperous Europeans didn't agree with the need to synchronize their every action with American global strategy

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