Math Duels:

What does it do? Using this super fun app, students can hone their math skills through play. Best suited for an Andriod Tablet, this app allows for two players to put their math skills to the test in a head-to-head showdown.  There are a number of difficulty levels for this split-screen game, so students of all abilities can be challenged.  

Why is it awesome? This app is awesome because it offers a fresh alternative to those boring mad-minutes. For an extra awesome experience, students can go one-to-one or be put onto teams to solve their problems collaboratively.

Spelling Monster:

What does it do?  Spelling Monster is a neat way for students to get in some spelling practice. This app allows students to create and share their own lists of words and then practice spelling those words through different games.Students are able to keep track of their progress through the app which records the number of times a game has been played and the number of words spelled correctly.

Why is it awesome? Not only does Spelling Monster give students multiple options for improving their spelling, but it can also be used without connection to the internet. In addition, the ability to create lists of words is very useful in classrooms that have weekly word tests!

Fresh Pick:

What does it do? This app is a great way to introduce students to the concepts of money and budgeting.  Students can complete eight different challenges using math and problem solving skills, including buying groceries on a budget and counting change. The app is fun and easy to use, and provides students with real-life learning opportunities.

Why is it awesome? Fresh Pick is based on PBS Kids' Fizzy Lunch Lab, which may or may not already be a popular hit with your students. ASide from being completely kid-friendly and fun to use, multiple students can use the same app which will reduce the amount of time and devices needed for installation.

Rocket Science 101:

What does it do? With this app from NASA, students can explore different space missions by building rocket ships to send into orbit. This app is perfect for the science classroom, as it teaches students about space exploration missions as well as the technical components of launching a NASA spacecraft.  SAccording to the manufacturers, "NASA’s Launch Services Program (LSP) does the same things for real rockets and exciting spacecraft missions every day – now it’s your turn!"

Why is it awesome? This app is awesome, because it gives students a chance to explore the real-life aspects of space exploration. Additionally, there are three different difficulty settings so students of all abilities are sure to be challenged!

Note Teacher Kids:

What does it do? Note Teacher Kids is a great app for learning the basics of music theory.  The app covers notes in treble and bass clef as well as scales and arpeggios. Additionally, Students can solidify their learning through actual songs and progress can be monitored through the apps tracking.

Why is it awesome? Not only does this app over a comprehensive rudimentary education in music, it also has a "free play" option which allows students to take the reins and compose their own musical masterpieces!

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