Unit 1 Vocabuary

By. Vicki Womble

Setting- The Place Or Type Of Surroundings Where Something Is Postioned Or Where An Event Takes Place. (Ex: London, England)

Characterization- A Brief Describtion Of Qualties.

Theme- The Subject Of A Talk, A Piece Of Writing, Or A Topic.

Resolution- A Firm Decision To Do Or Not To Do Something.

Conflict- A Problem.

Point Of View (Pov)- The Narritior's Attitude Or Way Of Considering A Matter.

Plot- The Main Events, In A Play, Novel, Movie, Etc. Devised And Presented By The Writer As An Intereleted Sequence.

Rising Action- A Sequence Of Events Before The Climax.

Traits- A Genetically, Determined Characterisic.

Motives- A Reason For Doing Something.

Falling Action- Defined After Climax

Support- Give Assistance To, Especially Financially; Enable To Function Or Act.

Evidence- To Support A Statement Or Saying Doing.

Claim- A Demand Or Request For Something Considered One's Due.

Central Idea- Main Idea Of Text.

Climax- The Most Intanse, Excting, Or Important Point Of Something.

Foreshadow- By A Warning.

Flashback- A Memory

Mood- What Your Feeling Right Than..

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