Guru Har Krishan

Kaitlyn Robertson

Har Krishan

Har Krishan was the youngest of two. Born on July 23rd 1656, to Guru Har Rai and Krishan Kaur. Before his father passed away, from serious illness,he appointed Krishan as the next Guru in line, opposed to his elder brother Ram Rai. Har Krishan became the next Guru at the age of five.

As a Guru

Har Krishan was now a Guru. Guru Krishan was the first person in history to have the light of the guru enter the body. Three short years later he passed away from smallpox,at age eight. During his time as a Guru Krishan faced his adversaries & met their challenges with utmost humility. Guru Har Krishan made a trip from Kiratpur then to Delhi. His father, before his passing, told Krishan he wasn't to go to Delhi, he would then be attacked by the Emperors forces. He made his way by Panjokhra. Along his way he healed those afflicted with leprosy. Comforting them with his own hands. He had faced many challenges. A challange like non before, by a Brahman Priest, Lal Chand, to give a discourse on the gita. Guru Har Krishan didn't refuse. The Guru has his own speaker; Chaju. An illiterate water bearer. Guru Krishan had slightly touched Chaju with his walking stick, He immediately began to explain the philosophy of the Gita. Having been ashamed of himself, the Brahman then fell to the Gurus feet and begged for forgiveness. Before getting to Delhi, the Guru and his party were the guests of Raja Jai Singh who had promised to uphold the safety of the Guru. While their visit in Delhi the Smallpox virus was spreading rapidly. The Guru healed numerous amounts of people every day, coming in contact with the virus. He was then Infected. March 30th 1664 Guru Har Krishan decided to announce his 'successor', he asked for five coins and a coconut. He was too weak to move, waving his hand three times he spoke "Baba balaka" Within a short moment he than passed away at the short age of eight. The Guru was so young, he passed without leaving an heir.


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