Funny in Farsi: Chapter 17
                         Me and Bob Hope

Plot: Firoozeh witnesses her first Christmas in America and describes what it's like and compares it to Nowruz. She tells us about how people react when she says that she's a muslim and doesn't celebrate Firoozeh also talks about Bob Hope Christmas special and how that influenced her whole family as they sat around the T.V. watching. Bob Hope tells jokes  and her father doesn't understand them but he still laughs, then Firoozeh translates them and he still doesn't get them. The chapter ended with her telling us how her christmas now include her kids doing christmas activities and how she bakes cookies and cleans up pine tree needles from the tree.

Allusions: The Bob Hope Christmas special went from the 1950's all the way to the 90's. All the artists and guest stars such as Tony Orlando(Lead singer of Tony Orlando and the Dawn), Sonny and Cher(Husband and wife team, singers), and many others.

Stylistic Devices: How she starts the chapter with telling the tale of Dr. Seuss and his story How the Grinch Stole Christmas and comparing the Grinch to herself since she didn't celebrate christmas. The Bob Hope Christmas specials and how that influenced her family.

Connections/Details:- Firoozeh Dumas grew up in Iran and moved to Whittier, California when still in elementary school. After two years she moved back to Iran for two years and two years later she moved to Newport Beach, California. She got her college education at University of California, Berkeley and married a frenchman and they currently live in Munich, Germany. She wrote a second book called Laughing without a accent which is a auto biography. Funny in Farsi is considered a memoir. Funny in Farsi was a bestseller in Iran and ABC created a sitcom based on it but was not selected for the season so it never got aired.

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