The Dreamer

A Book Review By LM

    I recently read The Dreamer by Pam Muñoz Ryan and Peter Sís, and I really liked it. Ryan and Sís tell the story of the great poet Pablo Neruda's childhood. Young Neftalí is teased and bullied as a child because he is much smaller and weaker than other kids. His strict, stern father doesn't believe in him, his younger sister Laurita, or his older brother Rodolfo. But Neftalí can hear voices. Beautiful, poetic voices that feed him praise and strength. They are the only thing that keeps him going, besides his kind stepmother and sister and his brother's soulful singing, all of which his father disapprove of. But as Neftalí grows up, he learns to use these voices as a strength for anything from summer adventures to bullying, young love to poetry. Can Neftalí gain his father's admiration? Will his love Blanca ever like Neftalí? Will Neftalí learn to channel the voices he hears into his own confidence?

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3 years ago

I once knew a boy named Neftali. Sometimes we all need some encouraging voiced in our life.