Geometry All Around Us

Juliette Good

1. Are these bricks tesselating?

2. What is the relationship of these angles? If the bigger angle is 110 degrees, then what is the other angle?

3. What is the relationship of these purple lines?

4. Find x.

5. What postulate would you use to solve this?

6. What shape is this and what is the sum of its interior angles?

7. What type of construction is this?

8. Solve for x.

9. If the two orange lines are parallel, then what is the relationship of the angles?

10. Is this triangle possible? Explain why or why not.


1. Yes
2. Supplementary Angles/ 70 degrees
3. They are parallel
4. x=20
5. HL- Hypotenuse Leg
6. Pentagon/ 540
7. Angle Bisector
8. 30 degrees
9. Alternate Interior Angles
10. No because two of the sides are less than the other.


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