Little Sun

Designed by Olafur Eliasson

Little Sun is a work of art that brings solar-powered light to off-grid areas of the world.


It's fun and accessible to the benefits of solar power and sustainable energy . It's easy to use, 10 hours of soft light or 4 hours of bright light if you charge it in the sun for 5 hours.

Poverty eradication

Little Sun provides light it helps businesses by increasing their income. Using Little Sun also saves people 90% over a 2-year period compared to kerosene.              

  • Education
    Little Sun provides light for children to study or read  which leads to children performing better in school and staying in school.            
  • Gender equality
    As they spend more hours in the home, women and children suffer  from the indoor air pollution, breathing-related problems, burns, and fires caused by  lanterns and candles. Little Sun light provides a safe alternative that emits no smoke and is non-toxic.
  • Health
    Little Sun solar-powered light, medical care performed at night becomes safer to provide. Little Sun lamps are safe, clean and eliminate indoor air pollution, breathing-related problems,  while supplying light that is 10 times brighter.
  • Environmental sustainability
    While polluting homes at the local level,  releasing 190 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per year. Little Sun is an environmentally sustainable solution.
  • Appearance

    It looks like a little sun because it is powered by the sun

    Little Sun is perfect for camping, at the beach, festivals, BBQs, or hiking – and it makes a great gift. Kids love it


    the cost in Europe is €22 

    In more developed nations its 25 Dollars or 20 euros

    In developing nation its $9

    I think the little sun is a good product because it is a very unique idea and also makes a big impact on developing nations in the world.

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