My Happiest Childhood Memories

One of the most beautiful memories of my childhood is the first day of school, because my parents used to, dress me, with the full school uniform.

That had me so excited, that I usually I turned red and crack a big smile.

That was the day that I got up more early, at 6:00 am I was already awake, because never wanted to be late.

We used to walk to school for 15 minutes, and it seemed an eternity, but coming home seemed to me more shorter.

Another one very good memory of my childhood is that, I liked very much participate in all school activities, so many times, I danced folk music. I danced so well that I was always appointed leader.

My parents always supported me. My mother used to make me the typical attire. And my father always taking a pictures with his old film camera that often reached only for a few pictures. If you ask me, these days, with digital cameras you can take lots of pictures and even videos.

I also really liked participate in parades in the school, belonged to the raid group. I was elected for my height, order and discipline that had at school.

The parade I remember most is the national holiday, that in 1989 my school won third place among all schools of Callao. It was exciting to me was very proud. For this show we practice every afternoon during the months of June and July.

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