Distance And Midpoint
By Ethan Miller

My road trip first begins in Athens,Georgia  because I love the college town and The University. I love sports and just relaxing . Then I go to Miami, Florida to see the beach . I want to go to this place because I love to see how beautiful water is and I want to walk around in the nice beach. It has many places to sit down and relax and just enjoy the fresh air and sand.

Athens, GA is at the coordinate (600,250) and Miami, Florida is at the coordinate (950,-250).

The distance between these two places are (-350,000)

The midpoint where I will stop and get food and gas would be at the coordinate (757,876)


After being in Miami,FL I then go off to Chicago. In Illinois I go and check out the Chicago bulls play. I go to check this out because I'm a big basketball fan. I would love to go see the professionals play up there and to learn more about the game as well.

Miami, Florida  is at the coordinate (950,-250) and Chicago ,Illinois is at the coordinate (450,700)

The distance between them is .(500,-950)

The midpoint where I get gas and food would be at the coordinate (650,300).


From Illinois, I go to Denver,Colorado which is a very long drive, but with many midpoints. In Colorado, I would like to visit Rocky Mountain National Park. I would like to go there to see the beautiful scenery and to go hiking. I would also like to look at the beautiful nature and to get a nice breath of the mountain.

The coordinate Chicago, Illinois would be at the coordinate (450,700) and Denver , Colorado would be at the coordinate (900,650).

The distance between them would be (450.050) miles.

The three midpoints I had gathered were (450,800) and (650,74). The main midpoint would be (200,050).


The total distance I would have traveled would have been 600,-900 miles.

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