Spring Break

Relaxing Beach

Do you wish for spring break you could go to the magical beaches, amuzment parks, or fancy hotels? Well, I am here to change your mind! Enjoy the magical land of Jamestown!! Historical sites and historic food will fill your stomach and your brain!!

Modern Attraction

Jamestown Glasshouse

Jamestown Glasshouse is a mix of awesomness and historic sites. The people blow glass like in the olden days when the settlers lived here!! You can buy glass wine cups and more!! I definitley recommend this!

Physical Feature

James River

Do you see this amazing river? Well, you could be staying close to this river if you travel to Jamestown!!! You can always see the reflections in your beautiful face!

Historical Landmark

Historic Jamestowne

This place is absolutley beautiful! Learn, Love, and Laugh about what the settlers used to do in the land of Jamestown!!! It will blow your mind (no, actually blow your mind with information).

Hotels and resorts ( and prices)

Marriots Manor

You might want to stay at this 4.5 hotel/ resort! This is a beautiful hotel and $99 a night! Beautiful deals await you!

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