The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Michelle Hodkin

If I Die Young: This song signifies the begining of the book where Mara is trying to get over the loss of her best friends.

In The Dark: This song shows how Mara feels about her life. She feels like she is in the dark and can't find her way out to save herself from her inner demons

XO: This is when Mara and Noah finally ralize what each other is capable of and when they get closer because of this experience.

New York: This song shows when Noah, her boyfriend, finally asks her out and they go out togethor.

Lonely Girl: Represents how lost and lonely Mara is after the loss of her friends and her loneliness at her new school.

Heroes (we could be): This is a representation of her boyfriend, Noah, who tries to save Mara from herself.

Faster: This song is a representation of the main character. She is afraid of herself and what she is becoming. Her world is spinning out of control, faster, faster, faster....

Here's To Never Growing Up: Is about when she is being a normal teenager and hanging out with her boyfriend and also when she decides to go to a party.

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