Amanda Dye

By: Grace Goodwin

Have you ever considered packing your bags and traveling to Zambia, Africa? Amanda Dye, a humanitarian from Liberty, Missouri,did just that. Dye was 19 years old when she decided to make the life changing decision to travel to Zambia, Africa. Dye traveled to Zambia to save children from horrific situations and makes a difference in the world. Three specific childrens lives were changed due to Amandas compassion and vision for orphan children. Elton who was not well taken care of, was hurt and badly could breathe but Dye didn't give up on him! Baby Will, a crying, scared, hurt little boy was found at the bottom of a sewer! Elizabeth had her hand burned badly for trying to steal food so she could live! The word give up did not enter dyes mind She said “ No I can do this!”

I want to nominate her for the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award this award recognizes people who have saved and enriched the lives of others through personal sacrifice. I am nominating Amanda because she has saved and improved kids lives in Zambia, also she sacrificed by going overseas right after college alone. She has spent her time, used her own personal money, and put herself in danger.

Amanda is the oldest of 3 brothers, and a sister they all grew up in Liberty, Missouri. Amanda Dye was born March 24, 1984. While growing up, Amanda’s free time was spent playing outside, reading, drawing, and she liked to watch world documentaries. Dye attended grade school at Manor Hill for 1st-3rd grade, and then Lewis and Clark for 4th and 5th grade. While attending Lewis & Clark Elementary, Dye had Mrs. Turner (currently a PEAK teacher at Alexander Doniphan) as 4th grade teacher. After that amanda had 10 different jobs from fast food to clothing stores. When Amanda was 19 she was lucky enough to attend the Oprah Winfrey show, and that was a big turning point in her life. Winfrey was an inspiration for Amanda to start Energy of Hope. Amanda was going to William Jewell college when she started Energy of Hope, William Jewell helped with starting the orphanage. The hardest thing for Amanda at the beginning of starting her organization and running the orphanage overseas was going to school. Amanda went back and forth between Zambia and the U.S while she finished school, Amanda graduated when she was 22. Then she went back for a couple months and started hiring workers to watch over the orphanage. Some of the first kids at the orphanage were Mable, Mapesho, Jacqueline, Rabecca, Danieland, and Priscilla. Amanda has impacted over 100 kids in the last 8 years. Amanda wasn't doing this for the fame or anything else, but to help people who are suffering. Amanda had three dreams one was to hope for the kids to have a better future. Two she fought for justice and for the kingdom of God to reign over the kids. Finally, her last dream was to have good friends in the community.

Energy of Hope started with 7 staff members then went to 15 and now there is over 25 people working there! When Amanda was asked this question have you lost any kids, she said yes, it was the worst feeling in the world! Amanda will not allow anyone to adopt the kids unless they were trustworthy! One of the things that Amanda struggled with the most was The orphanages cost $6000 to operate each month! She gets that money from donations when she goes and talks to people about her passion for justice for all kids throughout the world! It is a struggle each month to find $6000!

Amanda Dye exhibits many qualities that allow her to impact humanity. She is brave, passionate, and persistent. Amanda is brave because she went knowing her parents were scared about her safety and so was she! I think Amanda is persistent because she didn't give up on any child no matter their health. Amanda also didn't give up when she hadn't finished school and was building an orphanage and doing school work! She never gave up even when she was kidnapped and threatened! I think Amanda was compassionate because she helped kids that couldn't take care of themselves and she was compassionate about kids so she took it into action.

I think Amanda should win the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award, because she saved and improved kids lives, also she sacrificed her life going overseas alone. Amanda dye will not let a child die.

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