by Alexa leon

  Everyday over 1000 children are born in the world. most born put into home or just left on door steps.  I believe if you do chose to adopted a child you should not be allowed to "return" the child as if it is a piece of clothing. Not only that but I strongly believe we should help our children of this country first before any one else.

 Most children are placed in homes because of there disabilities or the fact that the child can not be well taken care of due to the lack of home materials. As stated in the article  Returning Adopted Children Is Never an Option. "No one is ever really ready for a child with autism, Down syndrome, cancer, diabetes, ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder]—no child is perfect and every parenting experience is different, yet most of us find ways to rise to the occasion and help our children the best we can." A lot of parents don't prepare for these affects at birth therefore they are given away to people who would like babies.

In other cases some people believe we should adopted babies from other countries to allow them to have the chance of a good life style. unlike the ones they live in now such as an issue in the article The United States Should Not Deal with Countries That Exploit Children and the International Adoption Process. like in this case "Significant concerns exist regarding the adoption of African children into U.S. homes, stemming largely from the lingering effects of slavery and the importance of maintaining cultural identity. Additionally, certain Islamic countries in Africa may have ethnic and religious restrictions against adoption." I see how this is unfair to them but there are children in our country with a similar issue. so why wouldn't we better our future because in the long run our children can help make those places a better place.

Put yourself in a mothers shoes and think would you want your baby to be taken care of and know that no one will return it. or would you rather have the child suffer through hard times with the family sometimes even starve. In my point of view you can make people happy with adoption. For example  a women that can not get pregnant but can afford to adopted will make an outstanding mother on helping the child in need. Think about it for the future if you plan to adopt.

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