Ariel lives in a country named Calacasters.                                                 Calacasters is an underwater world were many creatures live in.It is a beautiful place were there is happiness and all the animals get along.The creatures in Calacasters believe in Zignan a silver statue shaped as a giant man.When Calacasters creatures need help they leave seaweed for him to eat .

                               In Calacasters the creatures eat different kinds of food.                                    One of many of Calacasters people favorite treat is roasted coral. Her friend Sebastian like to eat cooked seaweed and other tasty treats. There is various kinds of food like smashed krill, sponges, and salted sea grass with a side of jellyfish legs. There is also other kinds of food like your fishy friends.

                               Ariel and her friends like to explore many different places. when they talk to each other they speak in language that is from Calacasters. The language they speak in is Lukeri. Lukeri uses s in there words a lot. Sistor means hi, Lukeri is a simple language to learn. The creatures write small lines which sometimes cross or are plane lines,when you want to write hi its one simple line and a crossed line (lt).


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