Should the art of tattooing be brought to the table as a right or wrong. Over the years tattoos have been used in many ways to show trible status, group unity and just plain freedom of expression. In the beginning tribes throughout the middle east across Asia, Samoa and South America and many other country's used tattoos as a symbol of ranking status or marriages
also as a symbol of
cultural history and different symbols throughout their culture. People should not be judge by their culture or leadership status put to art secondly with groups using symbols, mascots or a phrase to set themselves apart from others such as the bull dog for the marine corps, the dragon for yacuza, or even numbers or letters like 915 or vne are associated with gangs they show group unity among themselves. a statement made but a men, a retired solider as he had many tattoos across his body that showed his achievements and many things he has done in his career as a service man. In their line of work it shouldn't matter that they have tattoos or not because I don't think that the enemy looks at them and says "you can't shoot me you have tattoos".
lastly tattoos are used as a form of general expression such as butterflies on the curve of your hip, a tramp stamp on your back a trible band on your arm or ankle the list can go on and on from some simple as a flower to something as complicated as a full back piece with koi fish. The way people express themselves makes them individual it shouldn't be right or wrong
In closing people shouldn't be judge on cultural unity or expressive body art. The way they express themselves makes them unique in their own way.