Culture of Zombie-land

Brief History

My country was founded in 1809 to discover the zombie Apocalypse. By a man name Ricky Armstrong.  He was a very evil man who did not like anyone.  So as years went by he decided to make an evil sceam. His evil sceam was to make a spell were people would eat other people , wich these people were called zombies.


The people there in this country live in small villages made of teepees.  They really are not stable in one area they move around from city to city.  But in there country. They are very small to just fit about three people in each. They move east to west opposite of birds.


My country protects it's self by American air forces who watch the country day and night to make sure nothing goes wrong.  My citizens do not feel safe because they are attracted to human blood and have to eat humans for survival. Therefore they get hunted when they come upon humans.  But when need help the American forces will help them. When they are in need they will be on standby.

Creative expression

For extra fun the zombies love to watch fireworks.  The reason they love to watch the fireworks is still unknown. It effects the overall live hood when someone tries to attack another human all they have to do is shoot a firework. And within no time they will stop what there doing. They love the bright colors and the sound of the fireworks.

One of the worse places to live in America.

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