Three Types of Volcanoes

Composite Volcanoe

Definition: A composite volcano is a conical volcano built up by many layers (strata) of hardened lava, tephra, pumice, and volcanic ash.

Elevation: 11,240 ft. (3,426m.)

Location: Oregon, USA

Coordinates: Latitude- 45.37⁰N Longitudinal- -121.7⁰W

Eruptions:  This type of volcano has a very running fluid like lava. The composite volcano is only violent when water gets into the vent, which causes it to be more explosive. The last time Mount Hood erupted was in 1865-1866.  Usually when this volcano erupts it is a very slow process. The lava doesn't go everywhere, it slowly runs down the volcano. At Mount Hood the lava ends up going downstream. This was a problem because communities were located by the river.

Formation of Volcano: Mount Hood has formed by lava build up over many of years. It is a plate boundary. Mount Hood is a convergent boundary. This volcano is also considered active.

Shield Volcano

Definition: A shield volcano is a broad, domed volcano with gently sloping sides, characteristic of the eruption of fluid, basaltic lava.

Elevation: 4,091 (1,247m)

Location: Hawaiian Islands

Coordinates: 19.4211 degrees N, 155.2868 degrees W

Eruptions: The eruptions are very dangerous. The lava destroys many homes and buildings. Last time it erupted it was June 27, 2014.

Formation of Volcano: Tectonic Plates are pushing up to each other causing magma me to come through the crust forming a volcano over many years. This volcano is located on a hot spot. This volcano is considered active.

Cinder Cone Volcano

finiti on: Cinder cone. (sĭn'dər) A steep, conical hill consisting of glassyvolcanicfragments that accumulate around and downwind from a volcanic vent.Cinder cones range in size from tens to hundreds of meters tall.

Elevation: 4,205 meters (13,796 feet, 2.6 miles)

Location: Hawaii

Coordinates: 19.48 degrees N, -155.61 degrees W.

Eruptions: The lava flows down slowly. Still very dangerous. Last eruption was in 1984. This volcano is considered an active volcano.

Formation of Volcano: This volcano is located on a plate boundary. It is located on a convergent boundary.


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