Punkies are a mix of punk and metal heads. Punkies Believe in the punk/metal music to express the way they feel. Unlike Christians , the punkies church is once a month, Their Ceremonies consist of Concerts which include All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, A Day to Remember , Of Mice & Men, etc. It was created for people who have a hard time expressing themselves & is an amazing way to show emotion when you cant in any other place.


In Suburbia, all kinds of foods are served. Since it is located by the gulf of mexico, most food is Mexican. For exampled, Tacos and tortas.  The most popular food sold is Fajitas. Fajitas are basically Chicken breast burritos. On big events, most families prepare turkey, with a sides of stuffing, and/or Beans. In suburbia, all kinds of foods are served all over. Why dont you come in for a try??


In suburbia , Kids learn how to play instruments. There are free classes for anyone who does not have the privilege to pay for private lessons. There are parks in every town for kids to play in. Many people like to skate board or long board, but most people decide  to stay home and watch Netflix and cuddle up with a book. There are many places to visit in Suburbia. For example, there is the Museum of music, or the Plaza where people go and watch musicals.


In Suburbia, American money is used for important things such as House buying. But in things such as food and/or clothing, Melodies are switched between civilians. That way everyone gets a smile and anything important so no one In Suburbia is left without anything they need .