Orange Juice to Strawberry Float

Kylie, Alexa, and Kasey



Before doing this project, be sure to wear protective splash goggles and gloves.  Hydrochloric acid is moderately toxic, along with other chemicals used in the project such as Methyl orange solution. Alconox and sodium bicarbonate are irritants and none of these chemicals should be in contact with skin, especially eyes.

Chemistry Involved

The chemical formula for this reaction is:

NaHCO₃(aq) + HCL(aq) --> NaCl(aq) + H₂O(l) + CO₂(g)

Methyl Orange (orange juice) is an indicator that turns from yellow-orange to red.  In the beginning, it has a deep orange color.  When acid is added, the pH level drops and a strawberry-red color forms (strawberry float). One of the products of this reaction is CO₂ gas, which is produced as it becomes trapped in soap bubbles.

Over 13 Liters of this carbon dioxide gas is produced...which results in lots of soap bubbles!