Math Graph Story
By: Arun Senthilkumar

One sunny morning my friend Rohan and I went hiking up a mountain. In the beginning we were increasing pretty quickly at a constant rate. So in the beginning we climbed 40 ft up the mountain in 1 hour. We were having a race of who could get to the top first. That we were both going at the same rate Rohan got a little scared that I was going to win because he bet 20 dollars on him winning. So he tripped me so he could get the advantage. I was decreasing very quickly down the mountain at a constant rate until I caught my balance around 20 feet from where I originally was. I am pretty sure that I was falling for about an hour and a half but I'm not that sure because I was too busy on trying to catch my balance so I can stop falling. After that I gave up on beating him because I had already lost 2 and a half hours including the climb up. I mainly just spent the next 5 to 7 hours at a constant rate of zero just resting and thinking of ways to get back at Rohan once he comes back down. So eventually he came back down and I forgave him for what he did. But when he wasn't looking I pushed him and he fell all the way to the bottom. So overall it was a great trip.

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