Researching Printers

Inkjet Printer

Speed: Up to 7 IOS ppm

Paper Tray Capacity: Input 60 Output 25

Cost Of Printer: $79.99

Cost  Of Replacement: $39.99

Average Number Of Printouts Per Cartridge:1 black, 1 tricolor (included)

Reasons: This one is a good printer is cheap has good things on it the replacement doesn't cost much at all.


Information  @ -$abcat0511002&cp=1&lp=14

Laser Printer

Speed: Up to 32 IOS  ppm

Paper Tray Capacity : Input Up to 250 sheets Output up to 100

Cost Of Printer : $149.99

Cost Of Replacement Cartridges  : $54.99

Average Number Of Printouts Per Cartridge :1 toner, 1 drum unit (included)

reason~I would prefer the laser printer because it has more things and better than the inkjet printer it may cost more but its better than it still has more.

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