Do you believe that drones help protect the U.S.?

Technology has been very advanced and truly useful for our safety in the United States. However, as today there is drones that keeps us informed on top of everything that occurs in the surroundings of U.S. incoming attacks, shipments, and suspicious activities that can put in danger our people in America. Perhaps you might think it's amazing as well like I do, or on the contrary, you might believe this is very cruel, unmanned technology to target death upon our enemies. Moreover, you shouldn't have mercy on terrorism drones are much needed to prevent many massacres such as the event 9/11 the day the twin towers tore down. To stop that from happening drones help us analyze terrorist incoming strategies which they implement into the U.S. while we don't know they are attacking drones prevent destruction by informing the pilots that control the flying machine on a far base. Basically drones can be in many sizes  that tracks movements similar to satellites. Drones sizes depends what they are needed for since many of the drones can throw missiles, spy, or even fire bullets.  

Here is a picture of a millitary soldier launching a smaller drone which they can be in any sizes.

Drones interesting evolution!

Law Safety for our soldiers

Our people should be kept out from war and prevent the most danger for our soldiers. In addition, the law states that we can use any type of way to defend ourselves from terrorism/war that includes unmanned drones known as stealthy killing machines to take out suspected terrorists with pinpoint accuracy.

War Principles

Even though it may seem crucial to decide others death instantly it is by law required to enforce safety among other non-state country whether willing or unwilling for during war since it does not violate international laws.

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