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The nobles of Heian worked to make their city beautiful. They greatly admired Chinese architecture and modeled Heian after the Chinese capital, Chang'an. Basically they copied the Chinese style. The nobles like simple, airy designs. Most buildings were made of wood with titled roofs and large, open spaces inside. To add to the beauty of these buildings, the nobles surrounded them with elegant gardens and ponds. Similar gardens are still popular in Japan.

Performing Arts

The performing arts were also popular in Japan during the Heian period. The roots of later Japanese drama can be traced back to this time. People often gathered to watch performances by musicians, jugglers, and acrobats. These performances were wild and fun. Especially popular were the plays in which actors skillfully mimicked other people. These types of performances later developed into a more serious form of drama called Noh. Created in the 1300s, Noh plays combine music, speaking, and dance. These plays often tell about great heroes or figures from Japan's past.

Modern Day Compared To Ancient Japan

Obviously things in Japan have changed over the years such as Fashion. Nowadays Japan is famous for its amazing street fashion. One of the most popular Japanese fashion styles is known as Cosplay, which is a part of Japanese subculture concentrated at dressing in a similar way as one of your favorite characters from Manga, Anime, Video Games and Fantasy Movies.  Just like modern day Fashion the modern day arts and modern day performing art is different. The Japanese began increasing their knowledge of the world through the study of books. Now they are more focused on bands who now perform more than plays are performed. Their art unlike the other ancient customs has not changed.

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