My Story

Most memorable football season I have ever had. I have played football for a little over a decade now. That is a very long time. It is the only sport I really know. Growing up I did not play the typical sports parents put their children in, I did not play soccer or baseball. At the age of 6 I went straight to football, and it was all my choice. I was interested in it because my brother had played it. That decision was the best decision I could have ever made. Football has been a great impact on my life. It does not just teach you the rules of the game or what needs to happen when the quarterback kicks his leg back. It teaches young men the value of respect, it teaches leadership, and it teaches at an early age to work with a team. There is no other sport out there that is more of a team sport than football.

Snowboarding has become a real big hobby of mine every since I started when I was around nine or ten. It is not getting the big air or trying to land the coolest trick out there. My favorite part is the actual snow itself. Everything about it, how it is cold, how it can be shaped, everything. When I am going down a run I love the feeling of the air hitting my face. I love the feeling of me being free when I am going down a run very fast. I love the snow, and everything about it.

Where I am going to college in a few months. For the next four years of my life I will be attending Northern Arizona University on an academic scholarship. The thing I love about NAU is their location. When people first hear of Arizona they only think of the arid, dry, desert heat. They do not think of Flagstaff. Flagstaff is basically just like Lake Tahoe, with its high elevation, snow, and very nature like ambiance. NAU is the perfect fit because it provides not only education but it provides an area where I will be comfortable and have fun for the next four years of my life.

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