Shooting Star

By Fredrick Mckissack Jr

Shooting Star is a good book by Fredrick Mckissack Jr. The book does a good job of  explaining the effects of taking gym candy and how it ruins your life. The Book features a football player named Jomo Rodgers. Jomo has big dreams but the problem is that he's not big. Jomo's coach likes his competitive attitude and his hustle. The coach suggested Jomo begins an aggressive training program between his sophomore year and junior year. The team's strength training coach, Jeri, is able to help him start building muscle and increasing his weight. Jomo doesn't feel like its happening fast enough, so he starts to looking to another source. Jomo meets a man named Ganz, a chemistry major who's selling "gym candy" and he says it will make Jomo a star. Jomo starts taking steroids and after two weeks Jomo notices a big difference and so does everyone else. Jomo has the money to keep getting the product but he's going to start having trouble keeping it a secret the way his body keeps increasing muscle. Jomo's having so much success that he's started getting calls from college recruiters. Jomo starts to feel the side effects and his life starts spiraling out of control as his game improves. Jomo later admit to his steroid addiction to a reporter.

I would recommend this book to someone who's interested in Sports and Football.

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