Civil war

John Marston

Dear journal,

My name is John Marston I live in illinois i am 18 and farmer and tobbaco trader i will leave to war soon i have to use the time i am with my loved ones because if go to war i might no see them again i am union sergent major the only people i have left is my brother and my father my mother and sister were killed at my old house by cannon balls.You are using an out of date version of Google Chrome. Some features may not work correctly. Upgrade to the latest version.Dismiss

I was already a sergent major  but they had to get new recruits and sometimes they went to the bars and got drunk and if they were found they were put into barels and had to walk around town so everyone could see and they were humiliated.

well if i was killed or hurt they wouldent have anything to do with me "yellow streak

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