How to Stimulate Eyelash Growth?

Who doesn't want to look good? Some judge others because their beauty regimen includes a variety of practices. But you can't judge a person for wanting to feel more beautiful? Women, in particular, have searched for ways to highlight their eyes. There are a variety of products that help you achieve this. Some may be priced more than others, which is why you need to weigh your options carefully.

When it comes to the best eyelash enhancers, there are so many brands to choose from. Of course, your habits also play a crucial role to these enhancers. The better you care for your skin, the faster you see the results. Hence, it's important to set aside some time of your day to look at what you need and to care for yourself. It doesn't take too much effort, nor does it require a lot of money.


So, how do you stimulate eyelash growth? There are things to follow. Take a look at some of the habits you need to learn so that the eyelash growth product will work even better for you.

Eat Well

It all boils down to your diet. Don't binge on junk all day long. While you can enjoy a sinful treat every now and then, you need to pack your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay strong and healthy. Stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair follicles with foods rich in vitamins. Eat lots of veggies and snack on fruits when you're hungry. Not only will this be good for your hair, but your habits will reflect on your skin and your overall disposition. You'll look even more gorgeous when you have a healthy glow.

Limit the Use of Eye Beauty Products

You can't attend a special event without makeup. But at the end of the day, you need to wash all that dirt off your face. As mentioned time and again, mascaras can sometimes be harsh on your lashes. These leaves hair brittle and weak. They tend to break off the follicles faster until you'll notice that your lashes are thinner and shorter. The best eyelash enhancers work better when your lashes are already strong and healthy.

Be Careful While Using an Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curlers give you the baby doll look. Just be careful when curling your lashes. Don't press too hard and pull out slowly. You don't want to yank those lashes off once you remove these curlers. Some women even apply heat because the curls do tend to last longer. Strengthen each strand with a good eyelash conditioner so that this portion of your beauty regimen won't take its toll on your lashes.

Apply Vaseline

Vaseline provides excellent conditioning for eyelashes. They say that when you apply a dollop every single day, old lashes become stronger while protecting the new growth at the same time. Do this nightly but don't forget to use a Q-tip to avoid infection and to make sure that you don't apply too much in one area.

Use Olive Oil

If you think that Vaseline may be too thick and heavy for you, you can also opt for olive oil. Many say that it's best to use the extra virgin variety. Again, you can simply dab a smidge onto lashes with a Q-tip. The cotton should absorb the goop that may be too heavy. Make sure that the oil doesn't enter eyes and affect vision. You can even use the oil to remove eye makeup. It's a great way to keep the face clean and to strengthen the strands of your hair.

Don't Use Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are good but are a chore to maintain. You'd need to have the strands tightened every couple of weeks. If you don't those fake eyelashes start falling off, pulling the real ones along the way. Those who have resorted to falsies have noticed that their lashes somewhat thinned out the moment they decided to take the waves off.

Get an Eyelash Treatment Like Eyelash Growth Stimulator

While Vaseline and olive oil do work, these only strengthen and moisturize the lashes you already have. Eyelash growth stimulators promote growth while making sure the strands stay. The best eyelash enhancers make good stimulators. You just need to find a brand that's perfect for you.