Mushishi - Freemasonry, and sad parting

The first set of habits mushishi blood diffuse me, somewhat difficult. The storymakes me feel some boring, I am patiently holding eyelids look at. Remember is the two dialogue. Lian Zi said: after the nearby pass by, then come to have a look. Mr. mushishi smiled, said: This is not necessary. There is no more than the scene, just silently turned away, his hand lazily waved. (what essential not?)

The usual story, not least the saying: "well, have the opportunity to goodbye"?Look at the curtains and ROM can finally meet, mushishi gentleman just turned and walked away, seems to have become accustomed to the general. Meetingand parting? It seems not such a thing.

Animation of the twelfth set, seems to be the most popular episode. When I look,imperceptibly, will emerge out of "mushishi Sir how not to appear" idea. Butlooking at the silver haired blue eyed boy, have see light suddenly, it is sad and helpless more. Indifferent mushishi sir, had such a childhood. To lose with the left eye, is probably the so-called "meeting and parting".

Since there is no encounter, how it?

Mushishi is always lonely, his breath always seems to be hidden and not now. In any case, he seemed so easy: or be misfits. Whether he "witness" the tragedy of love, or the perfect family, are so. Even his casual wear, seem to support this.The trials of a long journey through the mushishi sir, how did not leave a fewfootprints?

In eclipse the screen, at the end of the fragment of wild doctor, let him leave, he did not hesitate to leave. What they have not met? This point cannot be determined. But the light you miss......

Wrote here should be enough. See silver Mr. Gu familiar figure, and say, "what are you doing", could not help but be filled with a thousand regrets. I hope I cankeep going, mushishi story of mr.. This may seem a little cocky guy, always theend. He helped the people, who will be there for him......

Incidentally, the villagers have a face, made me confused. But here, suddenlysome insights: they look, over the years, the ancient silver can remember? If not met, the long what kind of it? Only a silver haired blue eyed people, that's enough.

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