My Moral Code

Emma Rakow
Religion Period 3: Mrs. Lagalante

MY IDEALS AND PRINCIPLES: My ideals and principles by which I live are based around the bible. I believe in Jesus Christ and find what is right and wrong through the bible. Most of the time, I know whether what I am doing is right or wrong, but when I am not sure I ask someone more knowledgeable than me, or look in the bible. The laws I abide by are all the laws of my community and our country. I know that by following these laws I am also following God's laws, as it says in the bible to honor your authority. My ideals and principals are to act as if someone is always watching, meaning to not lie, cheat, or act immorally. (picture 1, and 2)

LIFE EXPERIENCE: I believe as a christian, it is my job to evangelize and share the word of God while I am on earth, so that as many people can believe in him and know of his great love. I also believe nature is part of God's promise to us. It is our duty to respect and keep our earth beautiful.

RELIGON: SOURCES OF MY LAWS OF LIFE: THE BIBLE: I believe everything the bible says about morality and what is right and wrong, even if it doesn't seem fair I understand that it is correct and that it is important to follow and believe in everything the bible teaches. Church is a large aspect of my life, I go to church every Sunday to learn more about the proper life I should be living for Christ. I also try to read the bible as often as I can, although I know I need to more often.

My ROLE MODELS: are my parents and teachers, my parents are both strong Christians and are great role models for me. They have taught me the way of the Lord and how to live for him.

CULTURE: I try to surround myself with other christians who will help build me up. The people around me are important, I believe it is necessary that they will be there to help me in my faith.

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