Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

A. Patterson

The Telephone - 1875

The importance of the telephone is to have an easy way to communicate to people.  It made it easy to talk to people It helped many people with jobs because they did not have to travel far to communicate.

The lightbulb- 1882

The importance of the lightbulb is so that we can use a light. It helps so that we do not have to make our own fire for light. It also saves kerosene that we would have to use for fire if we had to make fire for light.

The dishwasher- 1886

The importance of the dishwasher is because it made things easier. Instead of having to hand wash the dishes you could just put them in the dishwasher. The

The typewriter- 1873

The importance of the typewriter is is to be able to write things much faster. It saved people a lot of time. It is also much more neat than writing.

The Camera- 1888

The Kodak camera was the first camera ever made. It is important because it was the first camera ever invented. Cameras are important because they capture time and memories in a photo.

The Car- 1893

The first car was invented by Charles Duryea and Frank Duryea. The invention of the car is very important because it took you places and you did not have to use horses and wagons. The car saves time and money.

The Movie Camera- 1891

The movie camera is important because it makes movies. It made people entertained. It also gave more people jobs.

The battery- 1800

Count Alessandro Volta
The battery

The battery is a very important invention. The battery gives things power. Without batteries a lot of things that need power would not work.

The printing press- 1810

Fredrick Koeing
The printing press

The printing press was very important. It was important because it was able to make books. It was able to make the bible which was mass produced.

Braille printing

Louis Braille
Braille printing

Braille is extremely important. It is so important because it helps blind people be able to read. It help the blind people get information and communicate also.

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