Amos Fortune (free man)

Mercedes Salazar Muir, December, 2013

"Help!Help!" Everybody tried to run away, but didn't make it. "Somebody help me!" The prince of At-mun-shi was captured! Water droplets were running down his eyes, crying and crying for his sister and his father back.

To know more about the prince of At-mun-shi, keep reading.

Childhood/early life

Amos Fortune was born 1710 and lived in a tribe called At-mun-shi. He was captured in 1725 by slavers (white people.) He was brought to America in a boat. He was sold, and was a slave for white people.

Older Times

Amos Fortune was brave, courageous, and traveled a lot. Later on he married to Violet. Amos Fortune and Violet adopted a child.


When he was 60 he was finally free. He also worked really hard. They lived in a cottage near a lot of riches (strawberries.) He built a washing place out of wood, for clothes.


He died in Nov. 17, 1801, Age 91. When he died he left two presents, at a church and at a school.

Interesting Facts

He couldn't speak until he was an a adult. Had sister, dad and no mom. Was prince of At-mun-shi. He also bought 25 acres of land.

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