Internet Safety

Be safe when using the internet

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1.Don't give out personal information.

2.Tell your parents about anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

3.Don't agree to meet someone you met online.

4.Talk to your parents about posting pictures of you or anyone else that might be inappropriate.

5.I will not respond to any message that is mean or make me feel uncomfortable.

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6. check with your parents before downloading or installing things and don’t open pop ups.

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7.Always log out before leaving a computer.

8.Don't text or post something that you wouldn't say to a person's face.

9.Speak up to cyberbullying.

10.When creating a screen name don't put any personal information.

These are my top ten internet safety rules because you need them to be safe. Also if you don't follow them you could be kidnapped, hurt, and people will know you personal information. So please follow these rules because bad things could happen to you if you don't.

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