Are you Syria-s about this water issue?

This graph shows that Syria has the smallest population compared to Turkey and Iraq.

This graph shows that in the future Syria will have close to double the population it has now. It also shows that each country's population will increase between now and 2050. The changes in the country's population will affect it's water needs by having to use more water from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers as the population increases. The changes in the regions population will affect the regions water needs because each country will want more water from the rivers.

The first graph shows that Syria only uses a little less water than they have acess to. The second graph shows that Syria gets more of their water resources from other countries than they do from there own. A conclusion I could make from both of these graphs is that Syria uses more water than the water that comes from their country.

According to this graph the most pressuring water needs are for industry and domestic use. The graph shows that most of Syria's water is used for agrigcultue.

If Syria is using 95% of it's water for agrigcultue and this is what part of of Syria's land looks like, that means Syria is not receiving enough water.

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