Taipei, Taiwan (The huge building to the left is named Taipei 101.)

Basic info for Taiwan:

- officially called the Republic of China (both Taiwan and China have claimed each other's countries as their own, but it's under dispute and overall confusing)

- 19th largest country in the world

- capital: Taipei

- population: 23.3 million

- language: Standard Chinese (varies from region to region)

Dancers from an aboriginal tribe named the Amis.

Culture of Taiwan:

- blend of Chinese culture with Taiwanese aborigines

- adopts some influences from Japan and the U.S. as well

- mainly Buddhist-Taoist in religion

Taiwan has a lot of convenience stores.

24-hour convenience store culture:

- Taiwan has a ton of convenience stores, and can be found in almost every street corner in any city

- almost 5000 7-Eleven stores alone (one for every 2.8 sq. miles)


- known for "cram school", meaning after-school catch-up classes (they exist due to parents' extreme pressures for their kids to do well in school)

- 12 grades, similar structure to America

Taipei from a different angle.

Pop/business culture:

- Exchanging business cards is extremely popular

- Superstition thrives in Taiwan (pervades everyday life)

- Large video game culture (internet cafes are popular)

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