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“I’m so fancy, you already know”! These lyrics describe a tough attitude that isn’t afraid to tell the world what their opinion is. They are self confident and have the ability to share what they think with others without being shy in any way. Their enthusiasm is on a high level always and they aren’t afraid to talk to anyone. yes

contagiouse love

“It might rain just a little but, yeah we dance in it”. These lyrics describe a person who keeps making the best things happen. When it’s raining outside, it’s a reason for most people to stay inside, But for others it a reason to go jump in the puddles. It’s almost like there is no reason to waste an opportunity to try something new. I’d rather try it and fail than not try it at all or make lemonade out of lemons


Stochastic is another word for random, everyone is stochastic in their own way but i'll tell you my way of being stochastic. Random acts of kindness, they are something that I love to do to the most special people. This is something that everyone should do, it makes others very happy without warning and it not only can make them happy but you never know it could save someone’s life. One girl was walking home one day when she dropped her books, a girl came over to help her and they became friends for a long time. 15 years later at the wedding of the friend, the girl who dropped her books gave a speech. “In those books that I dropped was a suicide note, I was going to kill myself because I thought no one cared, and you saved my life”. This story shows how a simple act of kindness that took no thought to even do really did more than just help the girl get her books back.


Felicitous. These people are the kind of people who spread happiness around the room. These people can be considered to be special in others hearts. Brightening others days is something we should all try to do and that is my legacy because it makes you a better person and realize how lucky you are and how you can make that person’s life so much better. Inviting that kid that was left out to join in, imagine how he feels. it’s the love that surrounds us that helps us rejoice. Looking on the bright side and making the best out of what’s given is that other way of finding that happiness. “a man wearing a bikers jacket was standing in front of you inline, you looked at him and judged that he was a mean tough person you walk to order your coffee and realize that it has been paid for by the person in front of you”.


Pollyannaish means to be optimistic ,eg, looking forward to what you haven’t experienced yet. “I can’t wait to go to that new library, I wonder if it will have all new computers?” imagine what some people would say if I told them they were going to the library for no reason. It’s like having that feeling on a fresh summer day not to hot not too cool but just right and you take that deep breath. That is the feeling of Pollyannaish, you never know what’s coming but you wont know until you try it. Maybe you will like that kind of food when you thought it looked really gross. Its like always looking forward or not turning down an opportunitie that you dont know. Dont judge a book by its cover, because you never know where you might end up or what you might miss out on. If neilson mandela never spoke up against human rights, do you think he would be known world wide as he is now? He looked forward to a better future. the word originated from the story :from the name of the child heroine created by Eleanor Porter (1868–1920), American writer


Animosity is one of those character traits that NO ONE should have against anyone. Our world is full of it and that is why we have had wars and racism and bullying and an endless list of things that are all because of animosity. Its not a joke, people commit suicide daily due to the amount of animocity that surrounds us. Imagine not only how much better our world would be if we shut out animocity, imagine if we all came together to stop the amount of polution and and destruction that is becoming of our planet. People joke around with each other and some people sound as if they are hating each other, but that is just tough love, hatred and animosity is when it is a real fealing of of wanting to hurt.

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