How to File a Claim and Eligibility.

Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance

A. Unemployment

B. Physically and Mentally able to perform suitable work

C. Available for Suitable work

D. Making a reasonable effort to find work

E. Free of participation or direct interest in a labor dispute

F. Free of disqualification

Steps to File Unemployment Insurance

1. Accurately Report the Reason You Are Unemployed

2. Report Any Wages You Are Earning.

3. Register with the North Carolina Division of Workforce Solutions.

4. Be Available for Work

5. Actively Search for Work.

6. Develop an Effective Work Search Plan.

7. Avoid Errors and Ensure Proper Payment of Benefits.

8. Don't Delay - As Soon As You Begin Working Again, Report Your Return to Work.

9. Follow the Rules to Prevent Yourself from Committing Fraud

10. Know Your Responsibilities and Ask for Help.

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