would you like to crack your head open or badly injure yourself when you're just trying to fetch a pail of water no. The water well is too far from town and that hill is so big and slippery that jack has just hurt himself and is in hospital and might die. That hill is really dangerous and at least 1 person gets hurt a week and all parents are concerned. When someone goes to fetch some water the walk is so long that they are always late for school and appointments and teachers and doctors are getting angry. We parents,teachers and doctors believe that you should strongly consider paying for all the hospital bills or make the water well closer. Council i am sure i can persuade you that that hill is terribly dangerous and you should do something about it.

To begin with, you know when you hurt yourself well imagine being one of those people getting badly hurt on that hill you would never want to go up there again. am i right yes. Jill is hurt as well and Jack and Jills parents are complaining why would you even think of putting the well up there.

secondly kids are always so late for school because most days they have to fetch water for their family. and that walk takes them so long not only are they late but they are so tired that they sleep on their desk. all their reports are late late late.

finally we are sorry but you are going to pay for all the hospital bills or decide on making the well closer because of all these reasons and more. it is not your fault but you are the only one who could make that decision and stop people getting hurt.




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