Lord Capulet`s Journal

Act III, Lord Capulet, Martin Na, Period 3

DAAMMM!!! I`ll bite a thumb at the Montagues a millions of times. I will bite a thumb at the Montagues until my thumb becomes all bloody due to my teeth and my teeth becomes all wore due to my thumb. Plague to the Montagues. The Montagues have killed my precious and lovely young cousin Tybalt. Why couldn`t he stop fighting other people! Why can`t he stop wanting to start a quarrel with the Montagues! It always have been has his problem, being so belligerent and hot-tempered, and I knew he will be punished for it one day. I knew it.. But not this way. I never expected him to die this early nor to get punished this way. However, there is no chance for us to ask for mercy from prince to punish the Montagues since Tybalt is the trigger of the whole incident. He killed Mercutio first which lead Romeo to slay him. I hope no more of the tragedies happen to our family. Where the heck did Romeo go? He should be punished for killing Tybalt. I will somehow have him punished very painfully. Rest in peace my good cousin Tybalt. I will take your revenge.

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