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Dear Miss Sara,

I am reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My book is about a boy that doesnt have any money so one day some little people go to put signs of a present if they find in the bar of choclate. They will be a golden ticket so it was the birthday of the boy and thier dad have a little money for buy a chocolate bar so the boy get happy when he see that chocolate bar so he wanted to give some  piece of chocolate to his grandpas and his dad. Then the grandpa have a little money to buy another bar of chocolate so when they open it they looked and find a golden ticket so his grandpa gets sad but the boy get up in the morning and he go to the city and he sees a five dollar on the ground and then he buy a bar of chocolate and he find the golden ticket so the people who go there say they want to give him money or a bicycle for the golden ticket. So then he go to his house and show it to his grandpas and dads so the mom read it and it was tomorrow when they were going to factory. At the end he win the prize of Willy Wonka.


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