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Saving Lives Is So Simple!
Protect yourself & imform yourself

Sebastian is 27 years old, he has two beautiful girls. Charles is 14 years old, he just had his first sexual relationship, unprotected. Jasmine is 6 years old, she got raped by her uncle. Amy is 18 years old and she is living a wild life. All those people have more in common that you would think. They all have many dreams, a high life goals, a lot of ambition and they are all unaware that they have aids. It could be your wife, your son, your father, the virus is not visible with the naked eye, but it does not mean that the virus is harmless. First it destroys your immune system and then you are vulnerable to every infection, even minor. Sebastien died at the age of 30, leaving two orphans behind. Charles abandoned his dream of becoming a doctor. Amy will have to announce it to her multiple partner’s that probably are already infected and their partners will not necessarily be as honest as Amy. Finally, Jasmine like many other who are infected will have to face discrimination, rejection from their family and friends, difficulty in building a family and a probable early death. Your might think, informing yourself about aids and taking precautions is a waste of time, but in reality your saving lives, including your own.

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