Act 1, Juliet, Edward Kim, per 3

I do know every gentlemen must be trying to take me as a young, better bride. However, I just need more time to look and see how he and I both fall in love with each other. It was really annoying in the morning seeing lame Montagues and Capulets fighting again on the street; luckily the prince crossed the path of foolishness. I've heard that there's a man somewhere, Romeo who is handsome and virtual. Maybe, the ugly Rosaline has cheated on him, that's why he is depressed all day long; my Nurse told me. Well, she shouldn't have done it because after all Romeo was the perfect beauty of man in the world. When I saw his face during the feast of Capulets, it was just like what the gossip was, harmonious and charming as the knight only in the fairy-tale has come to greet me. Moreover, his amount of love towards me was proportioned to mine. I loved his sin share back and forth because his kiss was really attractive. I couldn't wait to get married, until my Nurse told me that my only love was the only enemy, the Montague. I'll choose love, not the law.

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2 years ago

"Skyler Cho, Paris" - Juliet! Oh my oh my… you don’t find me as attractive as Romeo? Montague’s blood can not be as royal as Prince’s blood! I’m the most royal, fine, and attractive man in Verona, and I chose you as my wife. Isn’t that such a pleasure? Why would you even look for another man when there’s already the best man waiting for you?