Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasties

The Sui Dynasty's emperors were Wendi, who created the Sui Dynasty, and Yang Di, whom was Wendi's son. The Sui had a strong centralized government, and a strong military. The Sui's capital was in the Chang Jiang Valley. The Sui made the Grand Canal, along with other inventions. The Sui Dynasty fell after many failed military campaigns, and Yang Di getting assassinated.

The Tang Dynasty's emperors were Taizong, and one of his sons, and then Taizong's wife. The capital of the Tang Dynasty was Chang'an. The Tang had a strong centralized government, went off of Confucian ideas, and believed in prosperity. Wu Zhou created a very harsh law code, she was one of the most ruthless leaders of the time.

The Song Dynasty ruled for about 300 years along with the Tang and the Sui dynasty. The Song's capital was Kaifeng. The Song used Neo-Confucianism ideas which were Confucian ideas that they changed themselves, and they also had civil service exams that were very hard to pass, they made woodblock paintings, perfected the compass, and also made firearms and cannons.

Emperor Wendi of the Sui Dynasty

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