infirmière néonatale

Julia Herrera

 Je voudrais être une infirmière néonatale.

 Important Vocabulary:

neonatal ; néonatale

premature; prématuré

Newborn; du nouveau-né

Healthy; sain

  The qualities that make a person successful in this profession are patience, compassion, and dedication. Being that the babies are newly born, in most cases prematurely, you have to be very patient and cope with their needs. At this stage the babies require lots of love and attention. If they need baths, medical assistance, or simply a sense of comfort, neonatal nurses should be there at all times for the premie.

Neonatal nurses first need to complete a Bachelors of Science in nursing (BSN) program. BSN programs usually require students to complete their non-nursing requirements in the first two years. Aside from enrolling in general education courses, students must complete math and science requirements that include statistics, microbiology, anatomy and physiology.

  The average salary of a neonatal nurse ranges from around $80,000 -170,ooo a year.

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