Highest Quality and Impressive Functions of Seiko Sportura Watches

    None other than Seiko could build the Sportura watch; that’s for sure! It’s not the question of how many years of experience but what that experience taught the brand that matters and how well! So the five decades into the world of sport magnifies Seiko’s prowess to bring the brand at the pinnacle of high-tech watchmaking, both mechanicals and electronics and their hybrids (kinetic, solar and quartz). It applies to the Sportura women’s watches too; Sportura offers women everything they need to bring into their life in appreciation of a particular sport. The secret here is: Sportura is designed to represent both the strength and elegance in a game and whether it’s an alarm chronograph or a simple chronograph or a diver-styled Sportura, it’s unique in its sporty and stylish appearance.

    Why did the Sportura range come around? Seiko has always been into auto-racing time measurements and through Sportura, they pay their unofficial homage to the sport. The bright, bold and vibrant colors say that up to a fair bit; you’ll find lots of black, red and orange in their designs – also electric blue – along with the racing stripe that runs down the straps, right from the middle. The dominant Seiko Sportura shape is like that of a cushion’s (it gives the Sportura its bold appearance) and influenced by high-performance automobile designs, with round dials. In short, it’s a chic, automotive style at very affordable prices.

    However, Seiko is for any sport with speed as its middlename, so it’s no wonder they will partner with FC Barcelona to bring out a respectful deference for the sport of Soccer. The Sportura FCB chronographs stand as the proof. The Sportura range also embraces aviation and adds fully functional, rotary, slide-rule to some of their models to allow distance, fuel, climb rate and airspeed measurement, proving Sportura is fit for every walk of life.

    Sportura got successful for its highest quality of build and materials (ceramics find an apt use in the Seiko premier kinetic; in unique combinations with stainless steel, precious metals and stones and mother-of-pearl) and its impressive functions, from basic timekeeping to splitting and measuring time and showing time the world over. Sportura watches come with alarm functions, even for the second zone timekeeper, which allows for a simultaneous view. That makes the Sportura watches functionally cool as well for the frequent travelers and people doing business with other countries.

    The new Seiko Premier Kinetic Watch collection for women are an elegant representation of high performance oriented jobs making use of chronographs and other sportive features. The new Sportura designs lend themselves with all the grace, ease and refinement a woman might ask for.