Biometrics- The Perfect Security Solution for Your Needs

When you consider the logical security of any commercial establishment, biometric authentication for network access control systems has gained a significant amount of reputation in recent times. And this reputation is solely based on their ability to provide authentic security to almost any environment. With this advanced level of identification and authentication technology, multi-factor systems can now use three different criteria for the purpose of identifying a person:

• Something You Know - A Password, Personal Identification Number (PIN) or One Time Password (OTP) to be provided during the time of authentication

  • A smart card or token
  • And a particular physical feature of the individual like his fingerprints, voice or retina.

    While passwords and smart cards can still be misused, biometric authentication leaves no room for errors. This credential is authentic to the maximum possible level and when compared to the two other types of security methods, it provides better security to any establishment.

    For different types of requirements, a wide variety of biometric access control systems are presently available in the market. Websites like offer the best solutions to suit all kinds of needs. Apart from the physical features that have already been mentioned above, these systems also use biometric identification markers like one’s eye DNA signature and face recognition. With these stringent clearance measures, they provide maximum security to sensitive and restricted places. For providing complete security, face recognition and DNA signature are considered as most dependable by a number of experts and security professionals and are thus, used in some of the most highly secured places in the world.

    Biometric identity management can be used efficiently for a few other purposes as well, like the Free Exit System and Controlled Exist Systems. These devices are also often equipped by motion sensors to detect someone approaching it to close or open a door automatically. Fingerprint Biometric authentication is perhaps the most popular in the market and provides the user with a very prominent advantage as it can be used to provide access to certain computers and other sensitive devices. With an authentication and access control system entry, certain specific areas can be easily restricted. This system can thus, be used for the purpose of contextual security as well as to restrict the number of individuals who can log in to a particular computer.

    Biometric identification systems are also incorporated with an authentication technology for mobile devices and are found to be extremely efficient for providing maximum security to the new generation smart phones. Before opting for a biometric access control system, consumers are required to consider their unique and professional requirements along with the types of information that will be available to a particular group of employees. Though Biometric authentication and identification products can really prove to be a value addition to most commercial and professional enterprises, it must not hamper the efficiency and productivity of the employees using it in any way. However, with the advanced authentication and identification features, these systems are exceptionally useful where an extra level of security is required.

    About The Author

  • Benson Hedge is a pioneer in the field of biometric authentication and runs his own organization manufacturing security systems relating to this technology. He also likes to spread awareness about the many aspects related to the industry through the many informative articles he writes.