Educational Apps for the K-12 Classroom

Algebra Touch

Algebra touch is an application that helps students to work through algebra problems. The application allows students to solve problems using touch-based techniques. Students can drag numbers to the other side of an equation when isolating variables, or drag a number inside a bracket to distribute. Students can also tap the screen to simplify equations, and draw lines to eliminate terms.

In the classroom, students can use this app to practice algebraic equations and can also use it to truly understand the main principles of algebra. Instead of the traditional on-paper practice, students can become more interactive and involved by using this application.

Science 360

Science 360 is an application for iPads by the National Science Foundation that hosts pictures and videos relating to science. This application contains videos and images on a wide variety of topics that are constantly updated on a weekly basis.

In the classroom, teachers can use this application to help demonstrate key concepts to students, and students can browse the application to explore and learn about concepts covered in class as well. This app allows students and teachers to save pictures and videos that they enjoyed within the application so that they can be accessed easily whenever they desire.

Chem 3D

This application allows people to create and manipulate 3D chemical molecular models.

In a K-12 setting, this application could be used to teach students the physical structure of chemicals. Instead of just telling them how it is supposed to look on paper, teachers are able to actually create the chemical with the application and can manipulate it for different structures. Students can then take this knowledge and practice creating different molecules. This will help students on an exam, as they would have had hands-on experience and can actually generate a good idea of what a molecule structure is and how it is formed.

Book Creator

Book Creator allows you to create your own books with both images and text and share them with others.

In a K-12 classroom, Book Creator can be used for students to demonstrate concepts that they've learned. Students can summarize a chapter's concepts by creating a book that explains all the concepts learned in class. The student can then share the book with their classmates so that they can use the material to review key concepts as well.

Grammar Up

Grammar Up is an application that helps learners improve their grammar, vocabulary and much more by creating a multiple choice system with 20 different grammar categories. You can also use this app to time yourself as you practice, to prepare for actual exams.

In a K-12 classroom, Grammar Up can be used by teachers to teach grammar concepts to students and allow them to practice these concepts as well. Teachers can have students work on a concept and time themselves as a "practice quiz". Students can get immediate feedback and compare and collaborate with their peers.

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